Goswami Mridul Krishna Ji

Goswami Mridul Krishna Ji


To the lost and the aimless meandering in the sandy deserts of life chasing a mirage, Acharya Sri Mridul Krishna Maharaj has come as Bihariji's most compassionate gift to mankind. Born into a lineage of distinguished saints he has plunged into spreading spiritual awakening. By kindling love for Radharani and Bihariji in the hearts of millions through his unique style of orating the Shrimad Bhagwat, his purpose stands at bringing peace and progress into the lives of all those who have experienced his discourses. The senior Acharya, Pujya Gurudev Shradheya Sri Mridul Krishna Maharaj is the grandmaster of the Shrimad Bhagawat of our times from the exotic land of Vrindavan. He has for millions of devotees illuminated the pathway of the "kunj gali" that leads to the lotus feet of Shri Bankey Bihari. Being the sixth generation of Swami Shri Haridas, the only course of life was the Bhagawath prachar and sangeeth sadhan,i.e. taking the onus for spreading Krishna bhakthi and singing the glory of the lord. All his growing years he was immersed in a spiritual life, being consumed by Bihariji's seva,shadowing his father Sri Mool Bihariji who virtually dedicated his life for Bhagawath prachar and building of Radha Sneha Bihari temple.

Pujya Guruji spent his youthful years in Bihariji's seva constantly accompanying his father to the kathas. He spent his teen years mastering the sacred scriptures. Sri Mridulji who qualified as an acharya and shashtri in Sanskrit at Sanskrit Sampoornanand Vishwa Vidhyalaya,Kashi,

Banaras began his spiritual journey at a tender age of 16 at Haridwar where he was ordained to set forth into becoming a beckon of light for millions of fevered souls. His father who was conducting the katha there suddenly took ill, as if it was the will of God to launch Sri Mridulji Maharaj on the course of what has become a saga of a luminous spiritual destiny. Thus formally he was initiated into becoming a Vaktha in the most sacred place of Haridwar when Sri Mridulji Maharaj stepped in, to fill in for his father and has never looked back since. Today he adorns an exalting alter that seldom has been achieved by any other in contemporary times!

Having mastered 8000 shlokas of the Shrimad Bhagwat, he features among the forerunners of Holy Gurus of India, promulgating the Bhakti cult. The living legend has accomplished more than 1200 sapthahas in the past 36 years, a record of sorts at that! Sri Mridulji has initiated (given Dheeskha) lakhs of disciples who pour into Sri Dham to offer their respects on Guru Poornima. Sri Mridulji Maharaj with his remarkable progressive outlook and capacity to flow with the tide of time, not rigidly sticking to the age old and out dated style of Bhagawath narration, spent his energies in fine tuning the sessions to appeal to the changing times and newer generation, while still retaining its chaste and authentic texture.

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